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Southern California continues to have water supply challenges. A responsible approach to landscape design must address the availability and cost of water.

However, a drought tolerant yard does not mean you have to have Southwestern desert landscaping with cactus and gravel. There are a variety of California native plants and shrubs which retain water well and do not require a lot of irrigation.

During initial consultation, we ask our clients to rank the importance of "going green" and then proportionately work that into the design plan. With 35 years experience, we are well versed in which plants and shrubs require minimal maintenance, minimal irrigation and which thrive in areas of restricted sunlight. We feel it's incumbent upon us to make those recommendations.

Above and beyond the expertise we provide, we are happy to recommend the following resources for additional information:

For, click here.

For Aquafornia, the California Water News Blog by the Water Education Foundation, click here.

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